Monday, 30 January 2012

40k Philosophy: The Super-Heavy

Sometimes bigger is better, but why do we think this? Recently, I discovered my local gaming group is to host a store-vs-store 40k apocalypse match (for non-gamers, a very very big game). Whether or not I attend, I have been inspired to purchase a Malcador Infernus. but, having thought about it, I have asked myself "what is the super heavy's purpose?" Thus, I have devised a number of reasons you, as gamers, should invest in the right super heavy for you, with examples given for each way of usage.

The Firebase
The first choice is rather a simple philosophy: Big Guns=good. This frame of mind suggests the Super Heavy's purpose is as a mobile gun platform. In this sense, more guns or big guns are the way to go. My soon to arrive Infernus (above) is a good example of a firebase. Although not terribly well armoured for a large vehicle, its main strength is its Inferno Gun (i.e. a big flame thrower) which has the potential to clear large buildings with each shot. Most things on the baneblade/macharius chassis fit this bill too.

The Bunker

The 'Bunker' Super-Heavy is essentially a huge rolling building, its sole purpose is to protect its occupants, so that they can hold the ground, or transport them where need be in relative safety. The Crassus and Gorgon both suit this, the first is faster, whilst the latter is more protected against shots.

The Fire Magnet

'Fire Magnet' may sound a worrying term, but in a way, it is a sound strategy. With this idea, you choose something intimidating, scary and large, thus worrying opponents and forcing them to take out the 'threat' that is your Super Heavy, whilst your plan was to use it as a distraction from your other, more important units. Anything with good front armour or a big looking gun is an ideal candidate, so pretty much anything baneblade or bigger is suitable. Squiggoths and heirophants work wonders too.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Band News: Me Talk Pretty Headline Wakeup Tour

Hey fans. This is primarily for you American fans, but is news for all my global viewers.

"Multi-national rock act, Me Talk Pretty, will spend this fall on the road as headliners for The Wake Up! Tour.

The Wake Up! Tour is in support of their 2011 debut release, We Are Strangers (Eight O Five/Universal Music). MTP’s debut release, We Are Strangers, released in early 2011 and was produced by Noah Shaine (Fools Gold, Skrillex, As Tall As Lions, Endless Hallway)."

Well, This should be an interesting thing to attend America! Everyone else, well, after listening to their youtube track 'Wake Up', I feel that the band,  which has featured on TheSims3 and Rockband, should be publicised more, and I suggest we get talking and get these award winning guys global status. considering they've played alongside Sick Puppies, Neon Trees, Adelitas Way and  Alien Ant Farm (the personal favourite of these) they seem to be worth looking up. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

40k for thought: Conversions and Going to New Limits

A lot of us 40k-ers like to customise their kits. I for one can never make something 'out of the box' and have to find something to change, as the standard outcome never seems to cut it. I'm sure many of you reading agree with me.

Very recently, 2 days ago in fact, I came up with one of my most outlandish ideas ever, and am going through with it, listen me out.

First off, what will it be? For all intents and purposes, it will count as a Land Raider Achilles (pictured right). Me and my girlfriend tested this in a game, and it was a monster (not overpowered though, just lucky) taking out 8 of my marines in a single shot of the main cannon and my regular land raider. You maybe saying that Chaos marines can't take them, but I'm nice and am not too limited by the rules. Anyway, what's not to say my girlfriends Chaos Marines 'commandeered' it from the good-guys?

Anyway, so that's what it will be. But the 'big insane conversion' you ask? Well, it's going to be a stage...

As maybe gleamed from previous postings, my partner's army a is rock themed. And, having played too much Brutal legend and too many YouTube clips, I have been inspired to combine both worlds, and create a massive rolling rock show, complete with band, stage lights, and far too many wires. Essentially, it will look like a sonic tank, which 'counts as' an Achilles. So combine the following images to ge an idea of what itll be like . I only have the very very basic shape done, so there's no point showing pictures of a half beaten up Land Raider 'donor'. bye for now, be back soon.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: Madina Lake 'Attics to Eden'

"I've been wrong so many times,
Let's be realistic, I'm only a statistic to you.
And it hurts so deep inside,
Maybe I'm sadistic, I love when you inflict it on me"

That is the sign of a good CD, blog fans. As with my previous review, 'Set The World On Fire' by Black Veil Brides, I find myself drawn strongly to a particular song, and still enjoy the whole album. This week, it is Madina Lake's 'Attics to Eden', the band's second studio album.

The 12 track album greatly differs from the style of the Black Veil Brides album, but this is not a way of saying it is bad. It much more up beat and less angry (I like angry, don't get me wrong) which is fitting of the band's style. 'Statistics'' is the pick of the bunch though, the track stand a head higher than all the others, and is the one I proclaim to be the star of the album, even if 'Never Take Us Alive' is more well known on YouTube. I will admit that this time, there are some songs which are not as appealing, but I would not say they come under the 'skippable' category of tracks. 

Anyhow, 'Attics to Eden' is certainly a worthwhile buy, and at 2 for £10 at HMV, get it with something else too. Next post will see a return to the geek side once more, for an as of yet undecided post.

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Review: Black veiled brides-'Set The World On fire'

A sign of a great CD/band is when you can't bring yourself to swap it out for another, instead playing it end on end, its appeal never fading.

This is the feeling one gets from the Black Veil Bride's newest album, 'Set The World On Fire'. The band's latest album never ceases to amaze, and even before the purchase, had inspired me to create my girlfriend's rock inspired 40k army, and this most recent of albums has spawned a super secret project which, for certain reasons, I cannot reveal until after February 14th (Valentines day for the ill informed). Anyway, back to the band...

The 11 track CD offers epic music with no compromise throughout. A strong favourite is track three, 'fallen angels', which finds itself on repeat on a daily basis. However, the whole album has great appeal, and the urge to skip tracks never arrives. The heavy feel of the guitars and pounding drums appeals greatly, and none of the songs fail to deliver, and none of them feel too soft to be in the album.

Although my first purchase of the Kiss-inspired band's work, I feel that all other works, past and future, will be able to hold a touch up to this spectacular piece of musical creation.

For those interested in the super secret project, here are a few very broad (or potentially obvious) clues...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Overview-My New Year's 40k Challenges

A good number of people decide to make resolutions for the start of the year, whether it be a new start, weight loss or to be even more of a nuisance, and many go unfulfilled. Mine, in relation to this blog, and contravening this tradition of lack-lustre unfulfilled resolutions, will be gaming related. Whilst I do intend to play Halo 4 when that appears, and will forever wish for Need For Speed Underground 3 to grace the Xbox's memory unit, I mean in terms of my various gaming creations. Only a couple come to mind for now, but more, as always, will rapidly assault my imagination. Two more have already appeared before the end of this paragraph...

First and foremost, I have this, a second hand Chaos Defiler, a multi limbed, and interesting, build. As you can see in these mid-progress images, its original colours are bright pink and silver (the paint does not quite cover the whole thing, oh dear...) and it is a bit broken. Do not fret, it will end up the usual blue/yellow scheme you will be getting used to here. Not sure how to go about painting the impaled thinking white with rust. Gonna go all-out with this thing.

Secondly, I would love to get my hands on one of these. Styled on the old rogue trader predator, this new kit oozes character. Although this would be the third predator I've owned, it will be the only one I have currently, as the others are long gone. Halfway through a war gaming equivalent of spring-cleaning, I hope to have replaced all my old stuff with new shinier and better done gaming pieces, with the old stuff either being sold on to other gamers (shameless plug, buy my stuff) or recycled into my girlfriend's rock-inspired war-band, as this guy illustrates.

Fell free, my fans, to suggest other fun-filled projects and in-blog content.