Tuesday, 28 February 2012

40k Philosophy: Side Projects Make The World Go Around

It's fun to take up a big gaming project. Currently, I am working on my Chaos Renegades, fixing them up, and generally improving them. Picturesed below is a custom made Destroyer tank hunter. Before this, it was a plain dark brown, but it has now had life brought back to it, and is part way through a bright new scheme, with greater depth than the previously flat appearance (and unpainted white plastic cannon and hull extension). More of the renegades will appear soon, probably.

Of course, I also have my my Thousand Sons, one of the central sights around this blog. However, it does sometimes get monotonous, so a little side project does wonders for both the eyes and the mind. It effectively de-clutters the mind from all the (in my case) blue power armour.

As you may have seen with my Malcador postings, I showed you the beginning of a diminutive Grot Tank, a £3 piece of fun. I do have the bizarre idea of an entire army of Grot Tanks, but in time. Here is the finished piece

 I built this using a model tank, for the previously mentioned price, and any spare bits I could find. It was a pain getting it off the little plinth it came on, as they used triangle head screws to attatch it, and to my knowledge, there is no such thing as a triangle headed screwdriver! The cannon and the gold Capacitor type thing on the back were both made from a ForgeWorld Autocannon, and the body was covered in a mountain of scrap plastic and rivets. The exhaust was make from plastic tubing. It has been a fun little distaction, and now I'm ready to get on with renegade refurbishment.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

40k Philosophy: Why themed armies are fun

You hear a lot from the tournament scene about the power gamers, the WAAC (win at all cost) guys, and spam lists (which is essentially a copy/paste army list of identical units and gear). But today, I am here to talk about the themed army, or in other terms, designing your army around a theme which you find interesting, not because it is a strong list, but because it's cool and vibrant with potential. Here are a number of reasons why a themed list is superior for hobbyists and even gamers.

Less monotonous building and painting
This is particularly important when compared to the spam list. With a spam list, you would find yourself building vast ranks of identical troopers and vehicles, and this can get really boring, and might drive you to madness if you're not too careful (just kidding, but you never know). A themed list might involves some spamming, but it also opens the doors to more diverse and unique units. For example, I run a unit of chosen full of power weapons in my army list. It may not be particularly competitive, but it sure looks good as an honour guard for my leader.

It allows for cool conversions

Themed lists open up the mind, and can encourage you to come up with new ways of representing units. Some people might just use things out of the box, but this is not the way of the themed man. I could have easily used a box of 'regular' Chaos Terminators in my army, but this was not to be. I chose the Grey Knight versions as a basis, for their more ornate and stylised war gear and armour. I felt this better suited the Thousand Sons aesthetic, as opposed to the brutal spikeyness of Chaos Terminators. Also, it allows you to come up with entirely new idea for units. Below are a few pictures of some Chaos Androids, made from the current Necron Immortals. I wanted to include some 'artificial' support, and these models make great chaos robots, with additions and a dark Techmarine to lead them. Such ideasa may not be of concern to your average WAAC man.

It makes victory's better, as well as defeats
Yes, it is harder to win with a less competitive list such as mine, but it makes any victory I have all the sweeter. I feel that I have played a bigger role in the victory, rather than playng a number-crunched winner's list. Also, it makes me more graceful in defeat. Writing this, I can image some poor soul sprouting into a rage when their WAAC super-internet list looses. Themed lists make you more acceptable with defeat, because you have not been lead to believe it is the ultimate win all list.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Motörhead 'You'll Get Yours'

Motörhead …essential metal.  Fact.

One of those bands that any self-respecting metal-head cannot ignore, and certainly shouldn’t. I admit this is a slight change from my usual line-up of review material, but it is still a worthwhile buy, and I won’t be reviewing any Bieber anytime soon, don’t you worry. I’ll sooner pull out a 50.cal before going that low…anyhow, the review.

‘You’ll Get Yours’ is a ‘best of’ album. Not my usual fair, but still. 19 tracks of what has been considered the best of Motörhead, including a live version of the self-titled track ‘Motörhead’. Clearly, it does well for value for money, with normal CD’s having around 11 tracks. My only disappointment was the lack of ‘Back At The Funnyfarm’ one of my personal favourites. But it would be unfair do down mark it for this.

To reiterate, ‘You’ll get yours’ is a must-have buy or gift for metal lovers all over. Also, for you UK fans’ it’s in the two for £10 section, so it’s worth getting a second CD, possibly one I’ve previously reviewed, such as Ozzy Osbourne.

Because this week’s post was a bit late, I’ll make it up to you, by giving you another full sized post tomorrow.

(Image taken from metalkingdom.net)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

WIP: Malcador Infernus (Pt 2) and a 'little' side project...

After reaching 1000 views, I thought I'd give you another blog post. Thought that, since the Malcador Infernus is such a big kit, it needs more than one post.

And good news! The missing wheels are being sent out by Forge World, and should arrive soon. Here is the tank thus far. The base coat had been completed, and a further layer has been done. The basecoat is Vallejo Tierra (Earth) whilst the lighter layer is 50/50 Tierra/white.

A small blue panel has been added to the front, to signify its ownership to the Thousand Sons. this was done in a similar style to the main colour, but with GW Regal blue, then GW Ultramarines Blue, then a 50/50 Regal Blue/white. The metal, so far, has been a drybrush of GW Boltgun Metal, and two washes of GW Devlan Mud and Badab Black.

As well as this, I picked up this little thing, a small model of a M4 Sherman, instantly seeing 'Grot Tank'!! At only £2.99, its 5 times cheaper than Forgeworld's, and is of similar size (as shown, with some additions).

But, since the FW ones look rather good, I've got a lot of work to do to match the quality shown, and build something unique and characterful.

Friday, 17 February 2012

1000 viewings special post

Well done my fans! The Rock/Geek Journalist has reached its first 1000 viewings...

...well, it's 1007 at the time of writing, but 1000 sounds a lot more 'milestone-ish'. Thought I'd send out a quick little message to thank you for the repeat business, both to my music fans and those who are a bit 'geeky' too. I hope you continue to come for your bi-weekly updates from the geeky musical world, and that you continue to share with your friends, family and significant others.

Expect a more substantial post soon, most likely tomorrow.

Peace :D

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kit Review: Malcador Infernus (and my infernal luck)

A resin super-heavy was always going to be a painstaking and challenging task, but this was possbly more than I was expecting. One thing I will say, when it is done it will look great, but the road to get to there is proving annoying. Although I forgot pre-primer images, here is the tank thus far. Only one side has been done, and even then its only the base-coat, after a test to see if the primer was ok.
The first hurdle that arrose was the Infernus' trailer...no wheels. Hopefully forgeworld will get right on this. Secondly, the hull was slightly misshapen on one side. Although slightly, it is a rather thick piece of resin, and so was really had to fix. In the end, I shaved it as flat as I could, and covered the gap with some chains. My third, and maybe quite minor point, is there are quite a few air bubbles. most are on flat panels, and therefore were easy fixes. 

you may wonder if that was it? I managed to drop it! Thankfully the only casualty was the Autocannon barrel, which sheered in half. Unfortunately however, when drilling it in order to pin the joint, the gods of fate decided to throw a proverbial spanner, by causing my drill bit to snap....inside the Autocannon. Plan B came into effect, and I decided to just use one of the kits multiple options, the Lascannon.

Flammable tanks shouldn't really grind across the ground....
Hopefully, when ForgeWorld sends me my darn wheels, the kit can be completed and prepped for the gaming table.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Showcase: Chaos Contemptor (Numero Dos), Punchy's right hand man

Those of you who have been following since pre history (i.e. November 2011) will have no doubt witness a Blue/Yellow creation that is the Chaos Contemptor Pattern dreadnought kit, produced by Gw-branch Forgeworld. You may also recollect the mentioning of a second one, with the post ending with an image of a grey, part finished and headless brother.

 Well, now I have finally got around to finishing it up, and here it is, armed with the ever interesting Heavy Conversion Beamer. Yet again, ForgeWorld delivered, and this is get another good cast and product.

As you can see, it has the same colour scheme, albeit with a twist. After comments on another forum, I felt that I should try more freehand work, to take advantage of all the smooth panels (though some will say this it is hard, considering the scale). Well, Here is my attempts to one up the previous Contemptor. Post comments and opinions, and goodbye until next time.

Oh, and a random side note when working on this. Conversion Beamers...I imagine that, given a sound, they'd sound like Dalek lasers...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: Ozzy Osbourne 'Scream'

Blasting the heavy guitar Solos of 'Let Me Hear You Scream' through mobile headphones, one gets the sensation of being in a dark gothic setting, much alike the official music video first air but a few years ago. You can visualise the bleak rooms, candle lit, with unknown creations lurking in shadows, ready to leap out at or rock out with you at any given moment. This colourful set of images fit in with the genre, and with this great CD/album.

As can be seem, the 2009 'Scream' album is a vivid set of tracks. The heavy guitar notes resonate though any form of audio output, and Ozzy Osbourne's Iconic vocals flow from song to song. The shift in styles can be a tad abrupt, but depending on your musical inclinations, this may or may not be an issue. For this reviewer, it was not.

For any Ozzy fan, or even people who just love their music, it is a worthwhile purchase. If the changes in style bother you, try rearranging the track order, that should solve your pet peeve. Look carefully and you can get it for a good price too. Always look out in markets, for the music tradesmen, where you could find it for £4 or near.

(image taken from: http://www.newmusicmonth.com/breaking-news/ozzy-osborne-scream-out-now/)