Sunday, 29 April 2012

WIP: Scratch Built Land Raider Proteus

Forge World's latest development in 'heresy era' war-gear has had me strongly hooked. I think two Contemptors and a Deimos Predator so far sum this up. I've also been playing around with replacing my rhinos with deimos'.

But this week, my latest dip into heresy era stuff was not a Forge World purchase, but a scratch built model. As you aware types will have read in the title, it is a Proteus pattern Land Raider.

Whilst I absolutely love the Forgeworld version, I don't have a spare £80 lying about (or another £10 or so extra for postage). I feel that my building skills are good, so I took on the challenge to build my own. This is my current process.

This is one of the first builds where I've actually had to plan it out. I wanted this build to be as perfect to the genuine article as possible. I have a feeling that I've made it slightly too small, but to be fair, it'll still be a good example, will be recognisable, and I'm sure I can make it bigger in places (a large engine possibly?). Apologies for the blurry plans, perhaps the Mechanicus is censoring my 'top secret' blueprints?

Hopefully, I'll be able to update you all on its progress later on next month. With exam day approaching, it may have to wait until the later half of May, but don't worry, more will come...

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

40k for thought: Local Tournaments

Those who are observant will have noticed I mentioned that I was taking part in a 40k blind doubles tournament last weekend. Overall it was a fun event, and more places should do local events. 

For those interested in what I took, here was my 1000 pts list:

  • HQ-Chaos lord, daemon weapon, combi bolter, melta bombs, personal icon
  • ELITES-5 terminators with icon, 2x combi melta, heavy flamer and power fist
  • TROOPS, 10 marines with icon and autocannon, 9 marines with icon, rhino, power fist and flamer, 7 marines with melta and power weapon
  • HEAVY-Predator with lascannons and autocannon

Most of you may know that Chaos Space Marines are not the most competitive of lists. I realised this when me and my team mate (Imperial guard) faced a Black Templar/eldar Brofist combo. Although the pairings were completely random, I couldn't help think....."damn". Oh well, might as well get on with it...

It turns out that me and my team mate did well, coming 4th overall out of 8 teams. At times, luck was not on our side, particularly in the final game, but we had moments and a keen tactical plan. A simple plan: kill scoring units. My predator helped us with the transport popping, whilst the marines and terminators focused on infantry. It worked quite well as a plan, but needed some refining. But to be fair, its hard to pre plan when your opponents and team mates are random. 

...But I do have to say this, my chaos lord does kick plastic ass. I only rolled one '1' for his daemon weapon, and an obscene amount of 3's and 6's. In the three games, he killed (an estimated):
  • 20 Black Templars
  • 4/5 grey knights
  • 6/7 plague marines
  • 3 Terminators. one death.

For any hero, that's an impressive feat. Just goes to show that the game is a lot down to luck, rather than power-playing your uber internet math-hammer lists. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Showcase: Chaos Deimos Predator

Finally, it is done. After a fair bit of planning, some perfectionism, and a need to have it finished for tomorrow's tournament (my performance will be discussed Tuesday), the Deimos pattern Predator I've been working on is finally complete and fully fit for service.

One thing I noticed, in comparison to my Land Raiders, is that it is harder to find a decent pattern to fit into the side indented panels. Eventually, I did go with the sunbeam motif, but it was a conundrum I took time in solving.

I also had a go at trying Vallejo's soot pigment. Oddly though, this one did not want to stick. It was a lot finer than the rust powder I've used with much success. Sadly, I think I may look elsewhere for a more usable powder.

Hopefully, this Auto/Las combo will perform well in the competition, and I will inform you all on any worthy kills it makes. Wish me luck tomorrow, I may need it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

40k Philosophy: Waste Not Want Not

It's a fairly safe bet that a lot of gamers will have spare parts. Perhaps just a few arms, or even whole dedicated drawers. Myself? I have a small set of boxes, all arranged in a nice rack. If you go past a Poundland/stretcher/etc, look for this sort of thing. It cost me £2, and has made my life a little neater.

But anyway, whilst you may have a huge spares collection, what do you do with it? Some might just decide to bin it, others may horde it, just because. I find that if you have a good idea, and have some useful parts, it's good to make use of this junk. Ask around too. As the saying goes, one man's trash...

Here is a great example of this idea. After a good raid of the boxes, I managed to piece together a very convincing Rapier laser battery. whilst it was a pain at stages, I feel that it is a great build, and is easy to recognise. It still needs a gun shield, but that'll probably come later.

If you want to build your own, here is a list of the parts I used:

  • Chimera/Russ tracks
  • 2x Imperial Guard Lascannons and 1x Twin Linked Lascannon from a Razorback (4x IG lascannons would do)
  • 2x Drop Pod inner frame bits
  • Drop Pod inner panel (the little square one with pipes)
  • Assorted wheels (Mostly from a 1:35 Abrams, and I think a 1:48 Sherman)
  • Imperial Guardsman with a Death Korps backpack, sentinel driver/commander arms and a flagellant head

Monday, 16 April 2012

Album Review: Dragonforce 'The Power Within'

Barely a day old. Perhaps the newest CD review I'v ever reviewed. It seems that this CD speaks out instantly. I suppose the incredible pace Dragonforce maintains, even with new vocalist Marc Hudson, helped drive home an early opinion.

That option would be that it's a great buy. Having being an instant fan with another of their albums, Inhuman Ranpage, it was easy to assume that any followup work will be automatically good. Thankfully, any initial presumptions help were proved to be almost prophetical. 

Dragonforce appears to be doing well with Marc. Sometimes the change of singer is noticable in the tracks, but not enough for fans to turn their eyes at the band's latest efforts. Marc can keep up with the speed of which the band became famous for, and has infused his talent with the manicly fast rifts and solos. 

Although they are famed for their speed metal, its not like they don;t slow things down now and again. The final Track, an accoustic version of Seasons, brings things to a steady end. Even though it contrasts with the usual epic pace, it is a good song none the less. Not everything has to be fast to be good

Clearly, this album does have 'The power within' to bring people from their chairs, and air guitar their way to A+E. £10 at HMV, probably cheaper elsewhere...why not?

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Showcase: Custom Objective markers

2/3 of standard 40k missions involve objectives, so it is hard to avoid them. Whilst the GW neon-green products are quite nice, sometimes you want something a bit more personal. A lot of people like to make their own, so here are a few to show you, as well as a few tips on making them.

The 'Base'

Its always a good idea to have a decent, strong base for your objectives. Whilst you can use anything flat, I prefer spare 25mm bases. Since they are only objective tokens, they don't need to be massive. Any spare base is probably enough to make a good sized token. It doesn't need to be extravagant, just noticeable on the table.

The chaotic icon above is a good example of this. Simple, plenty of base space, and recognisable

Don't throw bitz
Spare parts are brilliant for objectives. It is a great use for all those unused parts left over after building models. For example, the objective bellow, a scanner/GPS device, was made from an internal component of a Drop Pod. normally, this would have been thrown away, but it's easy to see the potential of this tiny component.

Be varied
Objective markers are a great opportunity for going all out, and making things you would normally do. As seen below, I've make a chaotic portal, a space marine relic, a guardsman (probably with information), and have completed a scanner and resurrecting necrons. Although I only play one of the 5 armies shown through these objectives, they are a pleasant change from the regular blue you see on this blog.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Product Review: Games Workshops Texture paints (Well, one of them)

Desperation lead to this posting. With a doubles tournament fast approaching, I needed to get my army fully based. But woe betide, I left my basing stuff (Glue, sand etc.) at my university flat. So, rather than paying £20 for train travel, I delved into Games Workshops new paint range for a solution.

The new range comprises of 145 new paints (about half of them are near identical replacements), all in shiny new pots, and in many more colours. I have been buying the odd new colour, and I can say I'm impressed. I am glad I have a decent Dark Green. The Vallejo dark green I had been using was appalling...super watery and dried with a glaring shine.

Anyhow, back to my need for basing, which lead me to the new texture paints. It appears that the range covers most terrain types, from snow, to dessert, to mud and swamp.
I picked up the one which was nearest to the colour of my current basing. Armageddon Dust was the closest out of the range, and here is the results...

...which are surprisingly convincing. With just a dry-brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand and a Devlan Mud wash (that miracle of washes) the base below looks almost the same as my usual sand/paint bases.

The paint did take some getting used to, I can't say I've intentionally used a paint full of sand and sediment. But after it dries, with a second layer to cover any spaces, the results speak for themselves. The texture paints are a good alternative to sanding and painting, but I have a feeling that you'd run out quickly. I've only used it on six or so bases and there is a 1/4 inch dent in the compound. Still, it is a good product, and it will be interesting when I try out the snow equivalent...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2000 Views! Bonus Content

Time for celebrations! The Rock Geek Journalist has reached 2000 views. As an added bonus, we got the past 1000 views at a faster rate than the first 1000, so I thank you for your repeated custom and sharing.

As promised yesterday, here is a little extra content, and the surprise image  above, shown yesterday, is explained.

This is my new Chaos Lord for the Thousand Sons. It is a rather simple conversion, made from a Grey Knight Castellan Crowe, with Huron Blackheart's backpack, and  then removing all inquisitorial icons. I noticed whilst building it that it is about a head or so taller than a regular marine. A suitable stature for a leader of men (well, super soldiers).

The sword is a rather lovely part of the kit, and takes a lava paint job well. Hopefully, this daemonic sword will do wonders in the upcoming blind doubles tournament.

Also, it's a good time to promote the Facebook page. Please show your support by joining and commenting on the blog's content.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Update: Chaos Deimos Predator (Part 3) and a little early peak at 2000th post

Hey all. Having discovered there was going to be a local doubles tournament, I got myself into gear, and have been finishing up models at an unseen pace. Yet, a high degree of quality remains, and I am taking my time on the important things.

One such thing is the Deimos Predator that has appeared a number of times on the Rock-Geek Journalist, and here is it in its current condition.

The Blue is almost completed, with just a few 50/50 Ultramarine Blue/White highlights left, then its onto weathering. I have thought about purchasing some Vallejo Smoke pigments for the exhausts.

As I pointed out previously, the circle on the side of the turret made a very good start to a chaos star. The perfect circle really helped me get the right shape, and it conveniently had eight rivets foe me to line up the eight points of a chaos star. Perhaps the chaos gods intended this...

Also, below is a small preview of what I intend to post at the 2000 views marker (most likely tomorrow). Stay classy.