Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review: Evil Craft Miniatures 2/3: Heads and Backpacks

Last week, I reviewed my first ever Evil Craft products, and I was greatly impressed by the quality and design. Today, I’m looking at two more products, a head set and some backpacks.

The heads come in packs of ten. Like all other sets from Evil Craft (currently) they cost around £10. You get five designs in the set, two of each. All heads are connected to the sprue by one rod, meaning easy removal which won’t damage the bits of the helmet you see.

The designs don’t match any existing Chaos Space Marine designs, and each is unique. They have an alien-evil concept to them. I have two favourites currently:

First off is this one. This screams ‘Thousand Sons hero’ and will probably make its way onto a sorcerer.

This other one is very neat. Its silhouette is very Skyrim-esque.  The sweeping cables have a hint of the Dragonborn helmet, which is a pretty neat nod to a fun game.

Like with the other parts from last week, there are very few imperfections. I only found one mould-line running down the middle of one of the helmets (the one I said would make a great sorcerer helmet). A bit of knife-work fixed that fast. Other than that, there wasn’t much in the way of clean-up. The helmets scale well with other 28mm heroic heads, and should be suitable for most super-soldier models.

Next up is these backpacks. Again, a pack of six (three designs) will set you back around £10. Like the torsos from last week, these are customisable. It’s not clear which vent goes on which side, but the designs are mirrored, so it shouldn’t matter. There aren’t any locator pegs, but you can line up the cables running down the vents with the cable-plugs on the backpack.

Each pair of vents is separate from the main power pack. The designs are very flamboyant; ideal for heroes, chosen and lords in your chaos hordes. With a bit of cutting, these vents would fit quite nicely on commonly available plastic/resin backpacks, to change the designs about and add extra details. I'm tempted to try splicing them with a Forge World MKIII pack.

When built, the backpacks are a similar size to common plastic backpacks (as shown). The vents are angled lower. When mounted on a model though the backpack suits the design of Chaos Space Marines; spikes, skulls and weird and wonderful designs.

So another great set of items from the new boys. the final part of this series will come soon, and will cover the last two sets; shoulder pads and 'Chaos Carbines'. Enjoy.

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