Tuesday, 18 February 2014

WIP: chaos Spartan Kit Bash Part Five: Keep Rollin' Rollin Rollin' (What?)

"It's a bit barbaric, something more likely to be seen under the banner of Khorne's savages than our, more civilised, company".

Omhoden and brother Ozhmund looked upon the enormous battle tank. Akin to the more common Land Raider, the Spartan was much, much bigger. Bedecked in savagely spiked tracks, the gun-metal grey construct blotted out most of the light in the forge. Flares of fire blasted behind the tank, and screams of the dying were heard in the distance. The tank had yet to receive any livery; it has been offered to three separate war-bands, including members of the Death Guard and the tech-hungry Iron Warriors. but, due to various 'accidents', only Omhoden's Thousand Sons arrived with payment.

From behind the tank, a gaunt, tall character emerged. The human, or what was left of it, was dressed in flowing black robes. A pair of servo arms draped over its thin frame. Three small red lights beamed out from beneath a long hood. It, as 'it' was in no way human anymore, appeared to hover along the ground

"Such commentary is....irrelevant", the Dark Magos intoned.

"Not to you, no", Omhoden said sarcastically. "Do you ever consider an elegant design Xi-dha'ir?"

"Elegance is irrelevant", Xi-dha'ir said in mono-tone.

"...I thought you'd say that. Well, you've delivered your side of the bargain, here is ours."

Two Rubric marines exited from the Thunderhawk Transporter, bringing with them a prisoner in chains. The prisoner was draped in tattered red robes, identifying it as a member of the Mechanicus of Mars. A servo arm, severed at the elbow and sparking, poked out from under the robes. Xi-dha'ir seemingly glided over towards the prisoner. The captive looked up, expressing horror at the black-clad half-machine. Un-characterful for a member of the machine cult.

"Payment is accepted", intoned the Dark Magos. The Rubrics held the captive tighter as it tried to wriggle free. Xi-dha'ir pulled up his left sleeve, revealing a strange contraption surgically attached to what remained of his human arm. Blades, spikes and tubes dripped black ichor. The captive tried to break loose, but it was too late. Xi-dha'ir plunged the bladed attachment into the Magos' skull, killing him instantly. Amniotic fluids and blood sprayed over the Dark Magos' robes and pooled on the floor.Additional data spikes wriggled from Xi-dha'ir, plugging into various ports on the now-dead Magos' head and neck

"His knowledge is collected, 99.842742% salvageable, sufficient payment. You may go."

"Well, time for us to leave brother, load the tank onto the transporter", said Omhoden. He looked at the bloody mess that was the Magos, and then back towards the Spartan. Smoke bellowed from its exhausts as it started up, and the spiked treads scraped their way across the hardened ground. Green headlights flickered into life.

As some of you may have seen this week on the Facebook page, I've restarted work on my Chaos Spartan.

The main change you'll notice is a set of lovely new tracks. The; old ones weren't really cutting it. They looked OK, but only OK. The new ones are 1.0 Oppressors from Blood and Skulls Industry (a full review will come soon). I will say that I love these tracks, very chaotic and brutal, ideal for a big scary tank. I did have to cut up the track pegs on the inside of the tracks so they fitted, as they are designed to fit the Baneblade.

A new commander also mans this tank, with a custom pintle heavy bolter. The gunner is based on the amazing parts from Evil Craft, with carefully kitbashed arms to suggest an 'at ease and surveying the landscape' pose. The Skyrim-esque head and a pair of shoulders (to be reviewed soon) have also been added.

The heavy bolter is from the Centurions kit, with added spikes, and the triggers and shield from a Stormlord's heavy stubber.

In other news, I've replaced the old engine covers with a new, larger custom one. This was made with plasticard strips, with a few ransom spares from the Ball Predator kit added for detail.

The heavy flamers have also been adjusted (straightened and given targeters) and I've cut two holes in the hull. See if you can guess why.

That's all for today, but keep an eye out on Facebook for further updates

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