Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Review: Blood and Skull Industry Oppressor Pattern Track Sets

Blood and Skulls Industry. What was once a small-time operation is now a well-known brand of third party bits and kits. What they are mainly known for however is their track kits. Able to make a boring tank into a brutal machine, these kits are fantastic for spicing up Imperial, Chaos and Orkish war machines. Today, I’m looking at the Oppressor pattern.

These tracks, shown in the largest 1.0 size (1” wide), are prefect for the forces of Chaos, or even more sinister Imperial organisations such as the Minotaurs or the Inquisition. According to Blood and Skulls Industry, it should take about two kits to complete a tank: three if you want overlapping tracks. Each set, in size 1.0, costs around £5.98 (based on current exchange rates) excluding shipping. In each set, you get 40 ‘links’ made up of two eight-link sections, two five-links, two three-links, and ten loose single links. Overall, they cover a length of around 13.6 inches.

The treads are mainly designed to fit with Blood and Skull Industry’s own suspension sets, but are suitable for the Baneblade chassis, with some modification. on the right, I’ve loosely laid them on top of the standard Baneblade tracks, as you can see, they are the correct size for this pattern of tank.

In terms of quality, most parts are in good order. As with all resin kits, you should wash them in warm soapy water first before painting. You do get the odd warped piece here, a bit of miscast there, but with so many pieces in the sets it’s only natural, and easily remedied either with a craft knife or some hot water in the case of misshapen parts.

The track pieces lock together with very little extra work, some parts do need trimming, but only by a bit. So how do they look on an actual tank?

Well, a little bit like this. This is my Chaos Spartan Assault Tank, and as you can see, is fully tracked with Oppressors. I did need three kits in total to fully track both sides. The treads certainly add a few millimetres of height to the tank. I did need to cut off all of the track locator pegs on the inner sides of the treads and relocate them, but then again they weren’t designed for this tank. Having said that, they really suit the machine, and are incredibly brutal looking.

So to conclude, these tracks are ideal additions to your own tanks. Blood and Skulls Industry do make other sizes and styles (as well as other kits like turrets and guns), suitable for use on Chimeras, predators, standard Land Raiders and Baneblades. Before buying though, work out how many sets you’ll need; it will be a bit embarrassing to find yourself short just before a big battle.

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  1. These are absolutely brutal looking! Awesome find, and thanks for sharing. I think they may find their way onto a Battlewagon in the future....