Tuesday, 11 March 2014

WIP: Chaos Spartan Kit-Bash, Part Six: Brand New Face

I've been on-and off with projects lately, but I've still managed to dedicate some time towards the spartan. Over the weekend, I was looking a the tank, and thought to myself, "the front end doesn't look quite right." So do I analyse it and draw out a new plan? No, I rip off the front doors and start over.

The new, larger nose section was built on top of the existing section to provide stability to the model. I extended the nose by about 3/4 of an inch, leaving it tall enough for the old front door to fit on. I managed to save both front doors, though I still need to do a little repair work to the upper door.

I wanted the new front end to look more industrial and heavy-duty. To do that, I cut off the 'teeth' on the front door, and replaced them with four chunky-looking mag-clamps. I covered them in plenty of rivets, which are loose nail-art beads; I strongly recommend that everybody buys them. Twelve little vials for the low-low price of £1. Easily enough to last a lifetime....or two titans.

A new armour plate was added to the top, to fill the empty void made from moving the doors forward. I'm thinking of putting a cool icon here. If anyone has a suggestion for a good looking chaos icon, message me on Facebook.

Apart from the nose, a bit of work was done on the left-side armour. I completed the plating, trimmed it, and have started adding the rivets.

That is all for today. The next task for me is to finish riveting the tank, then move on to other equipment, such as Frag Launchers, and eventually, the Lascannon batteries.

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