Saturday, 31 January 2015

Showcase: Khadeth the Silent (Ferrus Infernum) and Dreadclaw

“It is time, we must awaken the Silent”
“But will he answer our calls this time? He decried that it was not his time at the battle for the Eternal Key”
“But this time, we’re after this…” The Sorcerer passed an ancient and worn scroll to the Warpsmith.
“…This cannot be? Surely this is a false prophecy. They really found it?”
“It is real. Prepare the Silent.”

This week I’m showcasing my Ferrus Infernum Dreadnought with the Destroyer of Cities upgrade. This upgrade gives me a siege drill and Flamestorm Cannon; perfect for destroying tanks, bunkers, and hidden troops.

I decided to paint my dreadnought in the style of Khadeth the Silent, a Ferrus Infernum displayed in Imperial Armour Volume Thirteen: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned.

This dreadnought is fairly different from other Thousand Sons vehicles, as it has a halved/quartered blue and yellow scheme. I really enjoyed painting this scheme, and I plan to apply it to all future models. If anyone has a suggestion on how to apply it to tanks, feel free to comment on this post or on the Facebook page.

I’ve also developed an alternative icon. The standard Oroboros has been modified into the symbol for infinity, representing this war bands eternal search for knowledge. The Gemstone in the chest is my favourite detail, and was based on an old article from ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass. 

The base was built up using cork and Milliput, to create a rocky hill that the Dreadnought is climbing over. A dead World Eaters Berserker lies at his feet, buried by the sands of time. To show the length of time the dead warrior spent buried, it has been coated in a few layers of AK Interactive Africa Dust. The feet of the Dreadnought were also done this way.

To get this Dreadnought into battle faster, I’ve rebuilt and repainted my old Dreadclaw pod. Now that they can be dedicated transports to dreadnoughts, it both saves me a Fast Attack slot, and gives me an excuse to use one again.

It too has been painted in the new blue-yellow scheme. The infinity icon has instead been painted in blue, on the larger yellow panels. The model has been heavily weathered to represent the decent from space, using weathering pigments and sponge-application of dark brown and black paint, as well as hairspray weathering.

I’ve also added a few glowing runes around the vehicle. These are all new styles of chaos rune, taken from the slip-case of my limited edition copy of IA: 13.

Now that these models have been completed, the task now is to apply what I have learned here to my other models.


  1. The freehand symbols are really well done. Really love the weathering on the drop pod as well. The base of the dread is crazy awesome to boot!

  2. Beautifully done, man! The dread is particularly nice, and the dreadclaw conversion is very cool.

  3. Outstanding paint job. Some of the best post heresy thousand son work yet.