Saturday, 18 April 2015

Battle Report: Dark Skitari Vs Necrons (300 pts)

This week saw me not only start a new army, but also get my first game with it; albeit a small one. I pitted my starting units against an equally pointed Necron force. The battle went something like this....

TROOPS-10 Rangers, Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex
TROOPS-6 Vanguard, two Plasma Caliver, Arc Pistol, Taser Goad

HQ-Overlord, Staff of Light, Sempiternal Weave
TROOPS-8 Warriors
TROOPS, 5 Immortals, Gauss

Table and scenario:

We decided to go for a small table with simplified rules for a nice quick game. We didn't bother with warlord traits, and just went for a standard killpoint game. Necrons went first, Skitarii failed to steal the turn

Turn One

The Necrons advanced slowly forward, with the Warriors going around to the left to attack the Vanguard, whilst the Immortals and Overlord went for the Rangers. A wave of Gauss fire disintegrates two Vanguard, but the squad maintains composure. The Immortals, out of range of the Rangers, make a run move.

Skitarii scrap-code flies through the air, and the half-humans make their opening moves. The remaining Vanguard pour rad and plasma fire into the Warriors, downing two. Despite the punishing fire, the Necron constructs reform and the squad remains at full strength. The Rangers fair a bit better, and manage to take down two Immortals, one of which stays down.

Turn Two

The Necron Warriors continue to obliterate the Vanguard, who are all taken down barring the Vanguard Alpha, whose cold logical mind keeps him in the fight. The Immortals take out a Ranger with their heavier Gauss weapons. 

Realising the end is nigh, the Vanguard Alpha makes a desperate charge. His Arc Pistol fries one Necron, only for it to reanimate. The charge is more successful, and whilst he does loose a wound to reactionary fire, three Warriors are shorted out by the Alpha's Taser Goad. The five survivors hold their ground.

The Rangers pour accurate fire into the Immortals, downing two of these elite machines. A few shots strike the Overlord, but fail to damage it.

Turn Three

The Overlord leads from the front, moving forward and killing a ranger with its Staff of Light. The Immortals fail to cause any damage. In the close combat, the Vanguard Alpha finally succumbs to the tide of silver metal.

The lone Ranger squad focuses on the tougher Immortals, taking down another two. Galvanic shots bounce harmlessly off the Overlord. 

Turn Four

The slow methodical advance continues, with both Necron units firing at the Rangers in cover. Two more Rangers fall to the torrent of Gauss fire.
They retaliate, killing two Warriors, causing the remaining mdels to flee the battlefield. They later regain composure.

Turn Five (Final Turn)

This final turn sees the Necrons steadily enter the Skitarii battlezone, burning several more Ranger with their Gauss weapons. a Failed charge by the Immortals and Overlord sees the last Immortal taken down.

The few survivors fall back, hoping to avoid a chage from the Overlord. Galvanic Rifles aimed at the Warriors cause some damage, killing the remaining survivors.
Game Ends.

Victory points:

Necrons: Units killed (1), First Blod (1), In enemy territory (1), Total=3
Skitarii: Units Killed (2), Total=2
Necron Victory!

This was a close defeat, but a fun and educational one. I learned a number of things from this Firstly, Plasma Calivers, whilst Dangerous, are good, and can put out a high amount of high-strength-low AP shots, triple that of a conventional Plasma Gun at medium Range. Taser Goads are also great, acting like a high-strength Tesla weapon in combat (6's grant bonus attacks). It is worth noting though that bigger squads are better, as my Vanguard were taken out fairly easily. The army could also do with some heavier support, either some Dragoons, Balistarii or an Onager.

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