Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WIP: Dark Skitarii Maniple (Part Two)

The Dark Skitarii continue to grow, and this week has seen me not only buy the codex, but also one of the support units available to the army: an Ironstrider.

First up, the book. Codex: Skitarii a cheaper codex at £20; sure it's about a third smaller than a codex weighing in at 80 pages, but the cheaper entry cost to playing Skitarii over other armies is appealing. They haven't skimped in quality either, as the book feels and looks well made, with some beautiful artwork. Also there is a return to seeing 'Eavy Metal style painted models in the pages, something that is new to me (I haven't seen any other 7th ed books). What would have been amazing is something far older; Golden Daemon entries (like in Codex: Chaos Space Marines 3.5), but that is what Warhammer: Visions is for I suppose.

I've also made up an Ironstrider war walker. I chose to make it as a Sydonian Dragoon since I like the idea of mounted robot cavalry, something that neither my Thousand Sons or Vraksians can claim to have. Also, after my first battle with my Skitarii, I've fallen in love with taser weapons.

The model is also armed with a Phosphor Serpenta, thought a modified version. I didn't like the idea of the rider not holding on with at least one hand (one is needed for the lance) so instead the Phosphor weapon is slaved to the servitor, mounted in place of one of the T-Rex robot arms. In-keeping with the army's fluff (recently traitorous) the model only bears minor mutations; a horn coming from the servitor, and a larger bony protrusion from the Serpenta.

Having pondered the codex, I have this small army list made up for what I currently possess:

TROOPS-10 Skitarii Rangers, Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex, The Omnicient Mask

TROOPS-8 Skitarii Vanguard, two Plasma Calivers, Arc Pistol, Phase Taser

FAST ATTACK-1 Sydonian Dragoon, Phosphor Serpenta

This army, whilst small, is focused in its role, and each unit is kitted out accordingly. The Dragoon's role is to charge big scary monsters and vehicles, using it's first turn strength eight and doubled initiative to cause some serious damage to an enemy unit. If it goes towards infantry, the Phosphor Serpenta will help mark the unit, making it easier for the other squads to kill in the Shooting phase.

The Rangers' Alpha has the Omnicient Mask , which grants the unit the Zealot rule, meaning it can stay on the table and pick off important models such as sergeants and special weapons carriers.

My Vanguard will fight from the front, using their deadly rad and plasma weapons to take on most foes, be they hordes of Orks or large Tyranid bio-constructs. The Alpha's Phase Taser has the added bonus of toughness-based Instant Death, meaning tougher creatures are less than safe against him.

Though this force is small, it will hopefully be effective. Next in line will be another Dragoon to bulk out the squad, as well as either more Vanguard/Rangers, or another support unit like the Ruststalkers or the mighty Onager (speaking of Onagers, I do have a Forge Fiend not doing anything these days...). As usual, keep up to date with this project, and others, via the Facebook page.

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  1. Looking great man! Love the serpenta slaved to the servitor, that's just inspired - will definitely be following suit once I get a chance to build one. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more!