Saturday, 18 July 2015

Review: Kromlech Cyber Samurai Components

Channel the spirit of the samurai, as today we look at a few neat sets for those wanting to add a little Land of the Rising Sun to their Space Marine forces. I'm doing these sets, all from bits company Kromlech, together, as you really do need all three for the proper future-master-swordsmen look they give.

Firstly, we will be looking at the Cyber Samurai Heads, which retail at £5.05 for ten heads. Next comes the backpacks, which cost £4.33 for five. Finally we will check out the essential piece of samurai kit, the Vibro Katanas, at £4.33 for six. So for all three kits you'll be paying around £15, but this gives you enough to fully kit out five sergeants or heroes with a helmet, weapon and unique backpack, with plenty of leftovers for other models.

The kits, as per usual, are of the great standards Kromlech should by now be known for. Barring a bit of flash and the gates, there's no real imperfections to speak of. I did fond one hidden bubble in a sneaky place, but I'm not sure that counts.

I am a big fan of these helmets, which have combined the 40k-esque look of a futuristic helmet, with the design cues of the Japanese Mempo, worn by the Samurai classes. They have a fairly daemon-like look (much like real Mempo), which makes them a viable alternative helmet for Chaos Space Marines as well.

The backpacks also take influence from feudal Japan, with back-mounted banners similar to the Samurai's Sashimono. They attach to the backpack via a small hole, and in theory should not interfere with the model's other parts (unless you're going for an overhead swing with the next product). I will admit that I don't really like the vents: they seem a bit oddly shaped and the grills are external rather than recessed, a design similar to Space Marines from 20 years ago. The rest of the backpack is good though, with an Oni-like design in the centre, and detailed cabling on either side.

These swords are just divine. As well as the previous factors mentioned, I just love the clean, precise look. No ostentatious ornamentation, or elaborate hilts, just a pure weapon, ready for war and nothing more. The swords come bare (i.e. with no hands attached), meaning any model from any range could wield it. It could also be used for fantasy models, all you'd need to do is shave off the power cables on the blade and you're set.

They even look pretty sharp, a feature many other bits makers cannot fully achieve. I have seen a lot of chunky blades in my time, and these swords actually look like real swords, not novelty oversized foam ones.

Whilst each set is a great addition to your army, it's when you buy all three and bring them together onto one model that the look really comes together. This model has been given one bit from each set, and the future-samurai look Kromlech has aimed for really shows.

 So to sum this range up, the best things come in threes, and these three sets are a must-have for anyone wanting a Japanese theme to their forces.

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  1. Interesting! This could make for a wicked cool army!