Friday, 3 July 2015

Showcase: Tzeentch 'Daemonkin' Rapier Platforms

The Deathshoal are a feared weapon of Tzeentch, and the creations of an unholy pact between sorcerers of Tzeentch and the Hellforges within the Eye of Terror. These weaponised creatures began 'life' as Screamers, Discs and other similar daemons of Tzeentch, before being forcedly grafted with heavy munitions. The high-calibre weapons became infused with the raw power of change, making them many times more deadly, erasing not only the flesh, but also the souls, claiming them for the Lord of Change's entertainment. Only examples armed with weapons dubbed 'Hades Autocannons' have been discovered officially, though rumours of more exotically-armed creatures have begun to circulate amongst Militarum platoons.

-Idonis Raus, Ordo Hereticus-M35.464.21

Finally, I have finished something. Most of my current projects have been builds, so it has been nice to work on, and finish, some painting work. These three models are my chaotic stand-ins for Rapier Weapons Platforms. At less than the third of the cost of one Forge World Rapier, they are a nice bargain unit, and very thematic. Although there is no such thing as a Tzeentch Daemonkin book...yet.

They are based on the plastic Screamers set, with various gun components (Autocannons, Heavy Bolters, Ripper Guns) making up the Hades Autocannons. I chose these weapons for their good rate of fire and high strength: perfect for taking on tougher units, monsters, and medium armour: even flyers at a pinch.

The paint scheme is fairly simple, involving a fair but of drybrushing and blending. The main body was Regal Blue worked up to Temple Guard Blue. The other fins are purple, using Liche Purple with a bit of pink mixed in for highlights.

for added contrast, the smaller spines were painted pure Temple Guard Blue.

The eyes were done in yellow, with a cats-eye-like pupil for that daemonic touch. I made sure to have them all facing the right direction.


  1. Very cool work, man! I really dig how those turned out!

  2. I actually think having them look in different directions might have worked out for you my man. I like the idea but I am not sure they work as platforms. For preference I would have added a few more guns and called them obliterators.