Monday, 28 March 2016

Workshop Datalogs: March 2016

And I'm back! After a brief vacation down to the homeland of Wales, it's back to work on my current projects. Whilst I do plan do start new projects in the future, they may end up fewer and far between (or second hand), as I now have a wedding to save up for (proposed on vacation).

First off, let's recap on some previous projects...

 The Decimator now sports a more complete colour scheme. For my walkers I plan to adopt the same scheme I use on infantry. You'll notice a head swap, well...

It's now a part of this; a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. This is a new addition to the force which will help with both anti-air potential and other monstrous creatures. The base model is an Undread Morghast, with a trimmed down Decimator's head and a Heavy Flamer from a Dreadnought. The Pink Horror on the base will act as a familiar.

Now a couple of side projects. We have, from left to right, a pair of Possessed to add to my existing 2005 veterans, and a Terminator Sorcerer, made from a mix of the classic Terminator Lord and new plastic Terminator Librarian.

With the 30 year anniversary of Power Armour, and a local contest, I thought I'd enter something special. This is a LE2 Imperial Marine from around 1991. I'm going for a simple grey colour scheme, with red and white accents. It's very different painting this than more modern and detailed kits, so I thought a simple but consistent colour scheme would suit it better. It's such a cool model, and I do have a second one, so I may find a way to include one in the Sons forces.

Finally, we have some wooden creations from TT Combat. I've been after a new storage solution for my paints, and this paint tray/workstation was perfect, and as less than £10 it was a great price. Ideal for both a selection of Vallejo-sized paint pots and brushes, it is a lightweight and compact option for gamer and painters. The holders for the brushes are a bit 'shallow' for my liking, but for the price I can't complain.

Next up is a new building. For around £8 it is less than half the price of an equivalent GW kit, and it is even possible to build it with no glue (though I'd still use it). It has been modified by blowing a big hole in the side of the building, for ease of access and to make it more of a ruined building.

This final piece also doubles up as a gaming piece for my girlfriend's Necrons. At under £7, it is a steal compared to, say, a Forgeworld Sentry Pylon at over seven times the price. It's not as detailed, but for this price it is a high quality piece and more than suitable. Once painted it should be less obvious that it is made from trees. I plan to go into more detail with these in the coming weeks.

That's it for today, but keep an eye on Facebook for more.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

WIP: Refurbished Thousand Sons (Next 200 points)

This weekend saw me trial the first 600 points of my refurbished models in a game against the might of the Tau Empire. A close battle, which saw a 6-4 victory for the Sons.

 The game highlighted a few weak-points in the army thus far: numbers and anti-armour. Today's update shows my plans of the next 200 points of this campaign list.

First up is a 14-man unit of Autogun cultists. This should help me tackle the numbers issue, and give the force a good objective-holding unit. They are made from a mix of classic guard models, current models, and third party arms and heads. I only have the basecoat and a wash on, but these will be painted in light colours suitable for desert environments. Blue and yellow shoulder armour will help tie them into the army.

Next up is one (of several) Obliterators. After seeing some amazing conversions on the GW newspage using a mix of Centurions and Helbrute parts, I was motivated to get back to work on my original Centurion/Obliterator conversions.

To replicate similar results, new trim has been added to nearly every panel. This has been sculpted in the style of newer chaos models to help tie it in with the army. It is taking a long time to do, but once painted it should look great in this army's colours.

The remaining points will be spent on upgrades for the army, including a better invulnerable save for the sorcerer lord or a second mastery level.