Saturday, 30 April 2016

Workshop Datalogs: April 2016

A little bit late this month (wedding planning, sideways promotion at work and Goth Weekend have been keeping me busy) , but with some time off and an improved workstation, I now have something to show you all.

Firstly, the aforementioned workbench. Having moved the living room about I thought I'd fix up my workbench, formerly a computer desk. After tightening up all the screws, I removed one of the lower struts housing a CD rack, which has given me a lot more space to store boxes of stuff. The top shelf has also been taken off. Though I lose storage space for WIPs, it's a blessing in disguise, since it means I'll be forced to focus on only a couple of projects at a time. It has also given me space to fit my paint racks.

 Another neat little feature I added is this paintbrush/tool holder, made from a hacked up felt-tip pen case. Not bad for free junk.

Now some models. First up is this little guy, who will become a coms guy in my Vraks list. He's made from a Bolt Action German radio model, with a head from Pig Iron Miniatures, and a Skittari back pack. A simple conversion, but it works quite well.

Also for my Vraksians (or as a standalone kill-team, I'm not sure) some more mutants. Instead of Ork-based mutants like my other squad, these are based on a mix of Plaguebearers and Skittari.

All armed with autoguns, they'll form another key troops choice. I plan to paint them up as either fallen skitarii, or regular mutants who have looted their gear. Expect plenty of pus and rust.

In Tzeentch's wing, we have some developments. The Obliterator I've been working on is pretty much done now and ready enough for the battlefield. The banding really come out once painted, and I think it's a great alternative to standard Obliterator models.

Finally, the Daemon Price of Tzeentch. It's getting there, and the focus now is all the fine details: jewels, scripture and runes. Painted in my army's colours it looks a lot more in-keeping, and will be a fine addition to the first wave.

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  1. I know all about the wedding planning! That def sucks up some time!

    The prince is looking awesome!