Sunday, 17 July 2016

Showcase: Thousand Sons Contemptor with Multi Meltas

Renseneb, also know as Renseneb of the Ninth Circle, once walked the streets of Terra millenia ago, and was one of the first of the Thousand Sons. A skilled pyromancer, he was cut down in his prime by an alien warlord, cut in two by a wicked barbed power blade. Kept alive long enough to be interred within a Contemptor Dreadnought chassis, his vengeance against alien foes was noticeable, even by the Imperium's own Xenophobic standards. Commonly armed with a pair of potent Multi Meltas, no enemy tank, walker or wraithbone construct could withstand his fury. During the battle for Prospero, a mighty Mastodon of the hated Space Wolves legion fell beneath his fiery might, even it's ceramic shielding melting to slag with Renseneb's warp-influenced shots. The contingent of Astartes burned alive, the doors leading out fused shut. 

After the Horus Heresy, and banishment by Magnus after the Rubric, he joined the Scions of Change as a key adviser: his mind was incredibly clear, when it was common for many Dreadnought pilots to be lost to insanity, rage, daemonic influence or all three. 

Today he stands at the forefront of the Scion's wars. Still wielding the same Multi Meltas as used against aliens, Astartes and Custodes alike, no tank is safe. Upon his armoured hide rests an icon of Tzeentch, the god of change. Daemonic forces stir around the flaming icon, bringing forth the wrath of the gods to every war and skirmish.

Finally, this beautiful kit is finished. It's been such a joy to build and paint, I've taken an extra long time to ensure every detail is spot on. Following the blue and yellow scheme as the infantry, it stands well against the Thousand Sons it is usually fielded with.

 An airbrush was used to create the build up of dust on the legs, which really helps make the model look and feel just a bit more realistic.

Having put this model with my first Contemptor, I am now tempted to rework that one to match. This new model is my "sculpt of the year" and will be a hard one to top.

For most battles he will just be armed with the Multi Melta: a free upgrade and very nice against tanks, especially with a precognition blessing from my Tzeentch herald for re-rolls.

So there we are, another finished walker (I have too many walkers!). Comments welcome .


  1. Really like the paint job Matt. The airbrush blend of the dirty color on the feet/legs looks great. Really blends him into the base!

  2. Gorgeous work, man! It really looks fantastic in the blue and yellow, and the subtle conversions really work out well - beautifully done!