Sunday, 12 March 2017

Review: Blood and Skulls Bison/Buffalo and Wildebeast Conversion Sets

As many people would argue, the pig-snouted Taurox looks much, much better with wheels instead of track units, and I agree. There as a number of sets rolling around, but a stand-out provider is Blood and Skulls industry.  Having tried out the original 6x6 set-up, I have since been sent two newer variants, the half-track bison/buffalo sets, and an 8x8 wheeled arrangement dubbed the wildebeast.

To start with, the half-track. This set gives you two large wheels for the front end, the rear gets a pair of exposed tracks. You get two options for the rollers, spoked or solid (bison or buffalo respectedly), offering two distinct looks. The spoked design does jar a bit with the style of the front wheels, but a good paint scheme will blend them in.

Scale shot with a 40k Rubric marine

The other kit, the wildebeast, is an 8x8, with four smaller wheels for the front, and 4 of the larger ones for the back. Ideal if you were thinking six wheels just isn't enough.

The wheels side-by-side with a Taurox, they will fit under the arches with some stick-out

Much like the original kit you get mounting plates to easily fit the wheels and tracks on the standard axles, making for a very easy conversion which greatly alters the profile of the transport. I would advise extending the fenders on the hull for a more integrated look

If you're after an easy way to convert the Taurox, you can't go wrong with either of these sets. Of the two I'd recommend the half-track. Not only is it a cool alternative to the Taurox track pods, the spare rollers can easily be used as artillery wheels.

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  1. Interesting. I'll have to look and see if I can find a completed example.