Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WIP: Thousand Sons Fellblade 2.0 (Part One)

It had to happen again. But this time I'm doing it properly. The original Fellblade project was a ton of fun, but I sold the tank a while ago. The sons have been crying out for a big tank again, and with better resources (aka money) I thought I'd have another crack at it.

The build is a big one, and after a few night's work I've got most of the hull built. I want to take my time with it, and I plan to add extra detailing and 'hyper realistic' elements.

After unpacking i found all the pieces required, and in a fairly good condition. It's an interesting experience working on a big kit again.

So far the parts seem to fit together well. There is a big gap as seen above, but it is fixable and relatively minor. Mostly...

The main cannon has a fair sized mould line/cast slip, but not enough to make it unusable. It should be a fairly straightforward repair.

I've since raided the bits box too, to personalise the kit and make it a part of the Thousand Sons.

When it comes to painting it I have something extra special in mind. Expect a cross between my usual blue acheme, and the markings from the Horus Heresy era tanks in HH7: Inferno.

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  1. Good stuff, glad to see it back. Will you contact FW about the mould slip?
    Looking forward to seeing the realistic parts.