Sunday, 9 April 2017

WIP: Shadow War: Armageddon Chaos Mercenaries

Shadow Wars (AKA Necromunda 2.0) has already flown off the shelves, and with near instant popularity and interest I thought I'd throw my power helmet into the ring, with my own kill team. But with a twist.

Whilst this warband is a Chaos Marine team, I've decided to make them less god-blessed psychotics, and more cold, ruthless mercs in it for the money and nothing else. These guys will work for anyone: Chaos Warlord, Dark Eldar sects, and desperate Planetary Governors, so long as the pay is good.

I wanted to inject a bit of realism into the models, which is why, as you'll see, they sport a camo green colour scheme. I've also gone to town with details, including ammo pouches, harnesses, and knifes, to ensure they are fully WYSIWYG, and suitably mean looking. I've come up with the following list:
  • Chaos Champion (Tzeentch) bolter, inferno bolts, camo gear, clip harness, Red Dot


  • Chaos Space Marine (Nurgle), bolt pistol, camo gear, clip harness, blight grenades


  • Chaos Gunner (Tzeentch) autocannon, camo gear, clip harness


  • Cultist, shotgun
  • Cultist, autogun
  • Cultist, autopistol, axe
The army is fairly diverse, with ranged, close combat, and heavier weaponry in the form of the autocannon, and to an extent, inferno bolter.

I'm yet to experience a game outside a demo, but I've found that the autocannon gunner would effectively be a heavy sniper, holding back to blast anything in his path. The leader, with his red dot and powerful inferno bolts, would fill a similar rule, picking off targets with pin-point accuracy. The other models would move forward, either blasting models apart with close-range shots, two-handed axes and blight grenades. I didn't have much luck with my cultists, but smarter use of them will greatly extend their use. 

After the first game i have a premethium point to spend, either allowing me to upgrade my squad, or recruit a specialist. It's early days, but i quite enjoy the game, and you can expect more in the future.


  1. Great stuff. I have about a Thousand ideas for teams.

  2. Very Nice ! I kile the mix of bits.

  3. Love this idea, I might just steal it!

  4. This kill team is not legal. But the idea is cool. But you are not allowed to have more recruits than troops.