Monday, 4 December 2017

Dominance: Lists and Tactics

List submitted. Force painted. It's time to talk Dominance.

The tournament, hosted in my home town of Scarborough, is the first proper tournament I have entered in a while. There's not been many tournaments locally, and the ones further afield tend to be excessively competitive. I like a mix of challenge and fun, so Dominance really spoke to me. The deadline for lists was two days ago, so I thought it'd be neat to discuss my list and tactics for the games.

The following list is the one I have submitted, awaiting approval by tournament officials:

  • Elite detachment
  • HQ-Ahriman
  • Elite-Hellforged contemptor (2 kheres assault cannons)
  • Elite-Helbrute (reaper autocannon, missile launcher)
  • Elite-decimator daemon engine (2 soulburner petard)
  • Troops-5 Rubrics (sorcerer, force sword, flame pistol, warp flamer, icons and 3 bolters
  • Troops - 10 Tzaangor (chainswords and pistols, twist bray, musician and icon)
  • Fast-3 chaos spawn
  • Heavy-Land Raider Achilles (2 twin multimelta, soulburner bombard, combi bolter
  • Transport - Rhino (combi bolter)
  • Super heavy detatchment
  • Lord of war-Magnus the Red

With a restriction of ‘no more than two of anything’, including variants, I had to think up some interesting combinations that work, but also met the criteria.

This list manages to pack a ton of mortal wound-dealing units. With a maximum of 18 shots from vehicles, plus more from any powers I cast, I should have a nice counter to any tough units with good saves. A recent practice game saw me take off 14 wounds from a knight before Magnus finished it off. If the dice gods favour me I can cause an eye-watering 39 mortal wounds a turn.

It also emerged from my practice game Magnus is an amazing knight slayer. On average hitting on 2+ rerolling 1s, wounding on 2s with ap-4 and damage 3, he packs a punch. And that's before getting bonus attacks against imperium units on a 6. I plan to use him very aggressively, using warptime to get a first turn charge on the scariest unit in the opposing force. Knights, land raiders and Pasks are not safe…

Next we have some good fire support, with three walkers filling the minimum elite slots. The contemptor’s double assault cannons will make short work of infantry and light tanks, whilst the Helbrute serves a mixed role, depending on what is in front of him. The decimator is one source of my mortal wound pool, and with a decent movement value he should be able to direct both soulburners at something scary.

To ensure my warlord, Ahriman, survives, the Achilles will carry him and five rubrics in comfort. With 19 wounds, 2+ save and 4+ invulnerable it won't be blowing up in a hurry. The soulburner bombard and multi meltas will again hurt anything big or scary.

Finishing off my troops will be a group of Tzaangor in a Rhino. Cheap and quick, this unit, along with the 3 spawn, will act as rapid response gap fillers in my lines, either protecting my elite units or moving up to capitalise on an enemy weakness.

Knowing some great players with tough lists who have entered, I don't expect to win, but I can certainly put up a good fight, maybe even get one of the other awards on the day. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Workshop Datalogs: November 2017

This month has mostly been about getting my list ready for Dominance. 90% of the units I need for my list are fully painted, with only a few bits here and there to tidy up. I also managed to fit in a few other side projects.

The final full unit to paint for Dominance is a Decimator daemon engine. I've had the model for a while, but I've never been sold on either the pose or colour scheme I had previously come up with. I decided a few months ago to break it down to it's core components, and like the regenerative machine it is, build it back up again. I went for a more hunched pose, giving it a much more menacing feel. The weapons are also new as well, especially for the tournament. A pair of Soulburner Petards should help take out a variety of targets, with their auto-wounding mortal wound shots. Both are based around a core assembly of plastic tubes and jet turbines (scavenged from a marine-scale jump pack).

Next, we have a brutal-looking Ogryn berserker. This was made for my local GW's 2-year anniversary. Each person was invited to convert and paint any single model. My entry was based on a Blood Bowl ogryn with a gruesome close combat weapon. The weapon is an Ork Deff Dredd's weapon, trimmed down and connected to where the hand was. A few off-cuts and Green Stuff helped to make the hood and chem injectors on his back

To reflect the destruction this weapon would cause, I was sure to use plenty of blood effect on the weapon, and splattered on the body of the user. This guy will take over my Ogryn unit as the leader, and bearer of the anti-vehicle Boss Drill. 

Finally, something quite different to the norm. I wanted to start a new army that was quite different to the Thousand Sons and Traitor Guard: a close combat army. Khorne is a natural opposite: no magic, blood and plenty of chainswords. And what's more different than a Khorne Marine army? A Khorne SISTERS army! 

Yes that's right: Sisters of Khorne. This will be a very slow project, but something I'm really going to enjoy. Each model will have a lot of attention, and all will be converted. The above model actually started off as a Drukhari Lhamaean.

A a pair of Tzaangor chainswords, Sister's backpack and plenty of Greenstuff, it makes for a convincing, alternate spiky sister. I'll use this either as a Berserker champion or Aspiring Champion, depending on how the army develops over time. At the moment it is a modelling project rather than an army project, so the direct I may go is quite fluid at the moment. In any case, be sure to sign up to this blog to keep up-to-date with how that particular project goes. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Upcoming Events: Scar wars 2017

Decent medium-scale tournaments are few and far between locally, so when I heard about Scar Wars, I was very intrigued. Having played in a few smaller competitions, I thought I'd have a bash at this local event. Ticket have only been available for a week or so, but there's already quite a bit of interest from competitors and sponsors alike. Here's what they have said about the event:

"The team at Scar Wars have loved miniature gaming for as long as we can remember... we play many different games and are keen to promote and advance many game systems throughout the region. Lately we have noticed that there are but few competitions and tournaments in the local area to facilitate competitive gaming, as well as the untold depth of narrative gaming campaigns that most of us love."

"So, initially, we discussed how we would introduce the “Scar Wars” brand and we decided to try and run an event that was local to us, in our sunny hometown of Scarborough with the view of establishing a regular, fun, but involved tournament scene that didn’t solely focus on game system.... but which game system should we do first?"

"Tournament 1 had to be.........40k..."

A perfect start. 40k is a nice, well known game to work with. But it's not your average meta-tourney:

"We hope to provide a day of competitive gaming where the games are close fought and players need to rely on tactics and skill to win the games. If you want to see armies with a variety of units in them (instead of just cut and paste the best units from the current meta list) this is the event for you."

So an event with  no net lists that actively encourages thematic armies? Sign me up! Some of the rules to help make this more flavourful include:

-1850 pts from one single faction, no chapter/legion/warband mixing
-fw is allowed
-you may not take any unit (including variants, e.g. ironclad and venerable dreadnoughts) more than twice. Tank squads can only be 2 big, or 2 units of 1.

This should lead to some interesting lists: no leman russ spamming, no all-knight armies, new auto-win net lists, and the points value means some creative lists must be developed. I already have a few ideas.

There are still places left in the wave one ticket release, so get over to the page and sign up! Since the event was launched, ticket prices have dropped to £20 which is a nice bonus. You also geet lunch and a goodie bag included, which is a nice bonus, even if you are just there for fun and not to win. I've also heard the prize support will be nice as well.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

WIP: Talon patttern Hellblade

Just in case you think I don't have enough projects to finish this month, here's yet another. But this time, I've taken to the skies, with a Hellblade/count-as Heldrake.

My army is lacking in the air superiority department, and as much as I like the retro-looking Doomwing I made a while back, it doesn't stack up well against some of my newer additions, both in terms of paint quality and modelling skills. Whilst I will probably fix that, I wanted to go in a different direction with this one: something more modern, angled, and in the style of one of my favourite Forgeworld flyers.

The model started out as a used Stormtalon, originally intented for an Crimson Fists force a friend was downsizing. I also managed to blag a few Heldrake bits from another friend, so naturally I had to smash them together.

The problem I had was that I inly had 3 wing pieces, and needed 4. The back two are made from plasticard, with very thin plasticard used to create the intricate patterns.

The pilot is new, as it was missing when I bought it. The legs are Kromlech bike legs, and I used parts from the Thousand Sons blade cult minis from Forgeworld for the upper body. The arms were the most outstretched arms in my bitsbox.

Weapon-wise, I kept the twin lascannon, as this is now an option for the Heltalon. When I want to use it as a Heldrake, I can use a modified ball turret, which is detachable. Sure the lasannons are still on the model, but from a normal eye-level you can't see them tucked under the front wings, so it should be ok.

I think I'll do something different with the paint scheme. Much like an Imperial Navy flyer, it will have its own, non-legion scheme. The pilot will probably still be blue to tie it in with the rest of the army. It's been a fun litttle project, and should paint up nicely too.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Wip: Build Bonanza

With an ever mounting pile of half-done conversions, restorations and scratch-builds, this month will see me tackle three of the main ones.

The first in line is this former Contemptor, now a relatively comvincing Deredeo Dreadnought, armed with heavy bolters, butcher cannon array and greater havoc launcher.

I fancied trying one of these out, after readoping the chaos index. As I have a ton of Contemptors now, and since they share several chassis components, it seemed fitting to modify one. The chest armour has been extended, with spaces for the heavy bolters. The cannons are two halves of a bastiom aa gun, and the greater havoc is two regular havoc launchers glued together. All weapons are magnetised so I can use other options (the Malignatas Saker looks to be a possible favourite.

Next in line is this Decimator. I've never been happy with it, and a lot of it was down to the posing: I'd made it to tall and stretched. So with a more hunched pose it is now looking much better. I also made two new arms, based on the style of ork power claws. Square tubing forms the basic shape  with L-shaped and custom cut pieces to help buils the basic shape. Various spares were added for detail.

Finally, we have the biggest model: a Minotaur. This originally started out as a legion malcador hull made from scratch,  but as I'd folded that army into my 40k thousand sons, it needed a new purpose. So with a lot more plasticard, trimmed down Baneblade sides, and a misscast fellblade cannon, I had a big, mean artillery piece to support my renegades.

I also used a few cool parts leftover from my Blood and Skulls Industry reviews. The tracks, plough and even a lighting kit all come from them, and are nice additions to the model.

I wanted the tank to look like it's been though the wars, and has several welded on panels and rushed field repairs, using whatever junk the renegades had laying around. It has orkish hints, but a much neater exdcution than those green brutes.

So, that's alot to do in a month, but I'm quetly confident it can all be finished by halloween. Stay tuned on Facebook for regular updates.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Review: Egypt Sons Conversion Set

Wargame Exclusive have been around for a while now, but recent kits like the Master of Crusade and Tau-like models made me want to check them out in a bit more detail. With that in mind I scoured their webpage for a suitable kit. I found the Egypt Sons Terminator conversion set. Seeing as I am primarily a sons player, it seemed like the most logical place to start.

The set, costing around £23 at our current exchange rate, gets you six sets of torsos, heads, tabbards and shoulder pads. One more set than you need for a basic Terminator squad, so the sixth could be used for a character. To finish the kit you will need to source your own bases, legs and arms. 

The resin quality is really nice. Details are crisp, and no obvious air bubbles. The casting gates are quite chunky on the torsos, and one the the more delicate head dresses had split, but apart from that there's no real qualms.

The torsos share a lot of visual cues with the original multi-piece plastic terminators and were probably intended for their use only. Much like the plastic kit there are lugs on each side to allow the arms to be lined up easily. However, they fit fine with the likes of Tartaros and Cataphractii legs. 

On my test squad I ended up using all the parts except the heads, as I don't think they work as well as the other components.  Fortunately normal marine and tartaros heads fit like a glove, should you also want to use something else.

The details on the kits are really nice, nothing feels particularly crude, barring the heads. I will say though, that some of the shoulder pads are enormous, even by gw standards. You will see in the second image that I ended up cutting some down to size, which makes them much better proportioned. 

And here is the finished squad. I ended up making 5 scarab occult and 1 sorcerer. When fully assembed they look great, and once painted should blend in very well with my other 2+ saved members.

If you're after an alternative look to your rubric terminators, Wargame Exclusive are one of the better places to look. Sure I don't like the heads, but the other bits do work really well, and if you have any terminators that aren't the scarab occult models, new or used, you can very easily make a convincing variant.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

WIP: Rhino Refurb

Like an old, rusty classic car, restoring a cheap eBay or trade forum model can be immensely satisfying. This week I've been fixing up a Rhino apc which needed a lot of tlc...

The tank arrived via post in a bit of a mess. The paint was thick and gunky, there were random bits glued on it, and it hadn't been built very well.

Luckily, it had been glued together with what must have been either a glue gun or a pritt stik, and it came apart with ease. I had it down to its base components within minutes.

Now began the task of replacing parts and covering the damage. Luckily I had a Blood and Skulls rhino conversion kit laying around, waiting for its shining moment. The hideous front plate was replaced with the clean, heresy-esque plate from the conversion set.

The sides were also modified. This conversion set does require a bit of hacking at the original plasticto fit properly, but it is pretty convincing, especially now the tank has a uniform primer colour.

As this tank is for my Tzaangor unit, I wanted it to be laden with trophies from various battles. I've chained down an eviscerator and hotshot lasgun to the roof, which has the added benefit of covering some of the mess. The remaining damage will be worked into the paint scheme.

The front is a bit more elaborate, featuring the skeleton of an Imperial hero, an arbite or captain of some description.

As this is for a unit that is known to steal anything shiny, I am of two minds if it should be painted in the Thousand Sons scheme, or another army's colours with tzeentchian grafitti (maybe blood ravens for the irony). In either case it will be an effective addition to the squad, allowing them to travel much faster towards a good, vicious close combat.