Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WIP: Thousand Sons Fellblade 2.0 (Part One)

It had to happen again. But this time I'm doing it properly. The original Fellblade project was a ton of fun, but I sold the tank a while ago. The sons have been crying out for a big tank again, and with better resources (aka money) I thought I'd have another crack at it.

The build is a big one, and after a few night's work I've got most of the hull built. I want to take my time with it, and I plan to add extra detailing and 'hyper realistic' elements.

After unpacking i found all the pieces required, and in a fairly good condition. It's an interesting experience working on a big kit again.

So far the parts seem to fit together well. There is a big gap as seen above, but it is fixable and relatively minor. Mostly...

The main cannon has a fair sized mould line/cast slip, but not enough to make it unusable. It should be a fairly straightforward repair.

I've since raided the bits box too, to personalise the kit and make it a part of the Thousand Sons.

When it comes to painting it I have something extra special in mind. Expect a cross between my usual blue acheme, and the markings from the Horus Heresy era tanks in HH7: Inferno.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Review: Blood and Skulls Bison/Buffalo and Wildebeast Conversion Sets

As many people would argue, the pig-snouted Taurox looks much, much better with wheels instead of track units, and I agree. There as a number of sets rolling around, but a stand-out provider is Blood and Skulls industry.  Having tried out the original 6x6 set-up, I have since been sent two newer variants, the half-track bison/buffalo sets, and an 8x8 wheeled arrangement dubbed the wildebeast.

To start with, the half-track. This set gives you two large wheels for the front end, the rear gets a pair of exposed tracks. You get two options for the rollers, spoked or solid (bison or buffalo respectedly), offering two distinct looks. The spoked design does jar a bit with the style of the front wheels, but a good paint scheme will blend them in.

Scale shot with a 40k Rubric marine

The other kit, the wildebeast, is an 8x8, with four smaller wheels for the front, and 4 of the larger ones for the back. Ideal if you were thinking six wheels just isn't enough.

The wheels side-by-side with a Taurox, they will fit under the arches with some stick-out

Much like the original kit you get mounting plates to easily fit the wheels and tracks on the standard axles, making for a very easy conversion which greatly alters the profile of the transport. I would advise extending the fenders on the hull for a more integrated look

If you're after an easy way to convert the Taurox, you can't go wrong with either of these sets. Of the two I'd recommend the half-track. Not only is it a cool alternative to the Taurox track pods, the spare rollers can easily be used as artillery wheels.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The bridge over Kavor Gorge

Last week saw a bunch of players in the Scarborough area attempt an 8000pt 4v4 event at the local gw. Each team had to control the bridge by turn 5. The chaos teams were fortunate in that we had a lot of fast or mounted units. The imperials did have two knights and a lot of ordanance.

 My role in the plan was simple. Deep strike all my terminators, and sow confusion amongst the imperial lines.  The typhon would blast anything close enough, the rubrics would roll up in a convoy with all the other apcs.

Chaos won the roll to go first. Most of turn one involved moving as fast as possible. The typhon, land raiders and sicaran lead the charge,  with a sea of rhinos following behind. All, that is, apart from the plague marines, who managed to get immobilised on a chunk of pipe.

The imperial a followed suit, and a sea of leman russes,  rhinos, chimeras and the two knights rolled on. A basilisk shell struck the frankly unmissable horde of chaos tanks,  but only managed superficial damage.

Turn two saw most of the chaos reserves arrive. Three heldrakes,  obliterators, and two units of scarab occult.  The scarab occult took the most risky deployment, opting to land right in enemy lines. The warlord trait of the Thousand sons meant no scattering, landing peffectly vehind a manticore.  The other squad opted to scrap the basilisk. The warlord used his psychic might to summon forth three flamers of tzeentch, who incinerated a whole unit of repentia in a single volley of mutagenic flame.  The warlord's unit weren't so lucky, and failed to kill the missile tank.  The other scarab occult successfully destroyed the basilisk, taking out a key long range gun.

The imperial line faltered, with a large chunk directing fire on the newcomers. The banewolf's chemical cannon melted a couple, whilst the grey knights make short work of one squad.

The warlords unit survived a few more turns, long enough to summon even more flamers, which were great at griefing local units and somehow managing to destroy the manticore in combat!

On the other side of the battlefield, the typhon was finally in range. Loosing a massive shell, the blast vapourised a chimera, damaged a land raider and stripped a hull point off the closest knight. The knight took further damage from a scatrering of lascannon fire. By this point the chaos forces had an early lead, with almost a dozen tanks either on the bridge or reaching the on-ramp.  The heldrakes flew above,  scorching sisters of battle, mechanicum footsoldiers and more.

The imperials retaliated, sending a barrage of ordinance towards the chaos horde. Several raptors were torn to shreds, and the maulerfiends were badly hit, one of which was destroyed by the firing line. However, some shots went wide. A few clipped the onager dunecrawlers,  and a few even damaged the bridge.  If that fell the team who caused the destruction of it would loose instantly. A few choice words amongst the imperial generals ensured no further ordanance would target units on the bridge.

Near the defence laser, the dunecrawlers made short work on the Iron Warrior obliterators, but we're now in the line of fire of the typhon. Another enormous she'll hurtled towards them. Once the dust settled, one dunecrawler was nothing more than singeddit limbs, the second badly damaged. A final shot from the Typhon's lascannons finished it off.

The surviving maulerfiend got in close to the knight, managing to bring the severly wounded walker down. The explosion damages nearby vehciles and killed a few guardsmen.

After another devastating turn, and with the rear lines in chaos, the imperial pushed on ahead, if they could at least destroy either the land raider or spartan at the front of the bridge,  there maybe enough space to contest it. Alas, the Emperor was not with them today. No imperial unit could make it to the bridge, it was truly in the hands of the dark gods.

Overall it was a fantastic game. I had mixed luck with the terminators  but they did cause a lot of distress at the back, and the summoned flamers easily made the points back of the scarab occult (total kill count fro  teo free squads of flamers was 14 repentia, one manticore, about 7 skitarii and a hullpoint from a hydra. The typhon did quite well too, taking out a chimera, two dunecrawlers, and a handful of terminators and guardsemen, plus collateral damage from the massive blast templates.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

40k analysis: Scarab Occult

The top warriors of the Thousand Sons, the Scarab occult are the elite terminator guard of Magnus the red. But how do they stack up in the tabletop?

Let's start by comparing them to vanilla Chaos terminators. Starting at a hefty 250 points for 5, they are 100 points more expensive (compared to a squad of 5 vanillas) and because they have a minimum unit size of 5, they are a bit less flexible, so tactics such as termicide are less viable.

For your extra 100 points, you get an improved invulnerable save, fearless and ap3 bolters as standard, and and a mastery 2 psyker as a unit champion. When you factor that in, it starts to sound like good value. Let's look at it this way instead:

  • 4 plain terminators will cost 120 points
  • A sorcerer in terminator armour,  with an appropriate mark, and mastery 2, is 125 points

So that's 245 points already, factor in the mark of tzeentch for the other 4 guys, ap3 bolters, fearless and free votlw, you're looking at a hidden bargain. It also saves you a hq slot, meaning you can enjoy another option, such as Ahriman or an exhalted sorcerer.

If you take a thousand sons detachment, you get the added blessing bonuses, making this unit as durable, if not more so, than thunder hammer/storm shield terminators , with the added bonus of a round of shooting.

The options are far more limited, with no access to the combi weapons and other combat options (barring an extra sword for the sorcerer). You do get access to some very powerful special weapons instead:
  • Hellfyre rockets, a two shot krak missile launcher
  • Heavy warpflamers, ap3 heavy flamers with warpflame
  • Soulreaper cannons, an ap3 assault cannon with 1 less strength

The few options you get can greatly improve the units offensive abilities, the flamer and cannon can mince infantry up to and including space marines, whilst the hellfyre rockets give you a solid anti tank/monster option. As well as this, the sorcerer can choose from a wide range of disciplines,  giving you tscticwl flexability (heretech is ideal for an anti tank unit, and pyromancy for hordes, whilst divination could make the unit very deadly assassins that'll rarely miss their mark).

These guys made for a great bodyguard for your chaotic lord. With good saves and ap3 weapons, units will have a touch them getting close. Whilst expensive, if you have the points they are are good alternative to plain-Janew terminators.

The other option is to run are Sekhmet Conclave. Units that are within 6" of two units units benefit from +1 toughness,  making them much more durable. Combined with other abilities and powers, such as flesh metal hide,  can make them incredibly durable, ideal for holing objectives and tanking shot after shot. 

  For a thousand sons player they are a great addition to the army, but can quickly eat into your army'so available points. One unit can greatly add and support your force, whereas a Sekhmet Conclave is a force to be reckoned with. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Workshop data logs: January 2017

It's a bit later in the month than planned (hours to spare as I post this) but here's this month's update. Today's letter is the letter 't', for tanks and terminators.

With a big 4v4 game next month, I've been spending this month getting my sekhmet ready.  No named characters means I can't use big red, but it just means more points for terminators and tanks.

One of the tanks I'll be taking is a stripped back predator. This tank wallowed in my bits box for months, but the game is a great excuse to paint it up. I'll keep it clean and crisp, with some intricate freehand for the former weapon mounts.

I also had a go painting up this chap, a cheap and cheerful disc sorcerer, made from general odds and ends. Because the disc is quite small it'll probably be used as a lesser sorcerer for formations and small games.

Next up are a few more terminators. My 2k list for this game demands three terminator squads, all fully painted. With the official models painted, the cataphractii and the tartaros conversions are next.

Lastly,  something a bit more historical. This Tiger is something a bit different, the lesser known Porsche variant. Only one was thought to have seen battle, the rest being lately converted to the Ferdinand/Elephant.

It's a conversion I've been meaning to do for years (two houses ago!) and I thought it'does be a nice break from all the blue.

A short but sweet post, I'll keep you updated over the weekend.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Showcase: Magnus the Red

The crimson king approaches! An amazing model which not many people expected to see in 40k, the first daemon primarch makes for a fantastic centrepiece.

With such an impressive, intricate model, I decided to largely follow the warhammer TV guide for painting the model. Despite being mostly red, the other details help tie it in with the blue rubrics.

I did make a few changes to personalise the model. The key different is the wings.

 Rather the the black wings of the box art, I thought white wings would stand out more. Painted in the same way as the cloth, the wings brighten up the model significantly.

Magnus was built using the optional khopesh blade and the death mask, with a few extra basing bits to complement the dreadnought arm at his feet. Truth be told the model didn't really need much adding to it. The sword and wings can be removed, making it far easier to transport.

It's been a difficult but enjoyable experience to paint Magnus, and I'll certainly get as much use from it in games as possible.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Workshop datalog: December 2016

With Christmas tomorrow and with 2016 nearly over, there's still a bit of time to squeeze an update in.

Most of this month has been taken up by terminators, and lots of them. Including new kits and old repair jobs, im up to about 20 terminators. Having tested out the sekhmet conclave,  im liking the idea of an even more elite force than I'm used to. An army entirely of 2+ saves, boosted toughness and tons of ap3 appeals to my gaming style. 

The latest recruits are based on my Calth set. These have never seen a game since i bougjt them so I might as well get some use out of them with the rubrics. 

I've built them with a heavy warpflamer and hellfyre rockets. 

The rockets were made from the grenade harness, plus some combi-bolter drums. Simple but effective.

To help support the terminator's advance,  I've started to resurrect my old demos predator, which has been in a sorry state for far too long. To keep it cheap it'll only have the automation and combined bolter, focusing on light armour and acting as a support vehicle rather than a full-on battle tank. The next job is to plate up the sides, covering the sponson holes.

As well as armour, sorcerers will support the scarab occult. Using bits from the exhalted sorcerer set, half a herald and an old disc, I've built up a functional but dynamic-looking sorcerer.  

One of the legs was missing from the herald, so a robotic replacement was made using a necron leg.

And that's it for today. I hope you all have a great Christmas, and that space Santa brings many great hobby gifts.